Project Services

Chiyoda Malaysia’s Project Services team is responsible for the acquisition of material and equipment, and for purchasing services for our project operations. It is divided into two main sub-sections: procurement and subcontracting.

These two provide specialist procurement activities and support to the internal as well as external clients in tendering and execution of projects. The team members are dedicated to provide quality services to our clients, ensuring integrity and compliance to set procedures & processes and operational excellence with the objectives to support our company mission statement of:

  • Meeting Clients’ Requirements
  • On-time Delivery
  • Quality Services
  • Profitability to Stakeholders


Our Project Services team consist of professionals whose core strengths are built on various proven experiences in different segments of the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Related Industries; ranging from construction, fabrication, manufacturing and operating companies. The aggregate knowledge and capabilities of the team are further complemented with the support from Chiyoda Global Procurement Operations that serves as the competitive advantage in our support to internal and external clients.

The team actively contribute in project procurement estimation and execution activities with major supporting roles in project delivery and completion.

Supporting Suppliers

We realize the strength of our company lies heavily on the support of vendors and subcontractors. We have consistently partnered with supporting industry market leaders to provide quality materials, equipment, services and works in project delivery. These are competitively sourced locally and globally to support the projects and clients. We also have developed a highly reliable vendor and subcontractor pool focusing on on-time delivery and quality products as the main drivers.


All members of our Project Services team acknowledge their responsibility by complying with the highest professional, ethical and transparency standards. Adherence to the company's governance model and business control framework are the main agenda in procurement activities without sacrificing our clients’ expectations and quality of delivery. Our business will be conducted with honesty, integrity and respect for people and in harmony with aspirations of the stakeholders in mind. Acting in these professional principles, our business conduct is crucial in maintaining the trust and confidence of our shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and members of the public.


Would you like to be our supplier? Please send us a note to together with your company profile and product brochure.